Best sulfur soap for acne 2017

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Best Sulfur Soap For Acne


If you’ve used almost all acne products on the market, but can’t seem to pick one that really works, then you most likely haven’t considered all available options yet. Apart from the various scrubs and face washes, there are acne soaps that can efficiently control and prevent acne breakouts.


Most of the soaps contain sulfur, and this substance is one of the first known acne treatments. Historically known as brimstone, this substance was used in the early times to treat a broad range of skin issues, from dandruff to dermatitis, to warts to rosacea. It’s still being used in most skin care products today.


The substance works best if the sufferer has mild blemishes and moderate acne. It isn’t really effective for cystic breakouts or severe acne.


But it is excellent for both comedonal and inflammatory acne. So, if you’re experiencing blackheads or red pimples, or a combination of these two skin problems, then sulfur can help improve your skin.


It is used in a wide selection of skin care products, which include lotions, soaps, cleansers, masks, as well as spot treatments. It is also a staple treatment of acne at many salons and skin spas.

English: A sample of sulfur
English: A sample of sulfur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quite often, the sulfur treatments contain sodium sulfacetamide or resorcinol. These ingredients offer added moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties and also makes the treatment a lot more effective.


While water and soap may be enough to cleanse your face, not every kind of soap completely can handle this equation. This is why sulfur comes in handy.


Grisi Sulfur Soap review


grisi-sulfur-soap-reviewSulfur has been one of the most efficient non-prescriptive acne treatments for a long time now, and this particular soap makes use of it. However, you’re required to have 1-8 weeks of trial and then you can observe for any improvement.

Best for: oily and combination skin.


This product may not be as gentle as some other sulfur ointments, so it may not be an excellent choice for sensitive and dry skin. But it can definitely do wonders for oily skin!


Active ingredient: its active ingredients are Sulfur/Azufre = 10% and Biosulfur = 0.1%


The sulfur is a gentle anti-microbial and is also a known inhibitor of P. acnes growth (an acne-causing bacteria.), and this is why most anti-acne products use it. Its effect is immediate as well.



  • The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the sulfur soap clear your skin of dirt and excessive oils that are the main cause of acne.
  • It also has anti-fungal properties.
  • When used persistently, the sulfur soap can do wonders for an acne prone skin and reduce the breakouts.
  • Besides using sulfur as the active ingredient, the Grisi sulfur soap doesn’t smell awful like most of its counterparts.



  • Isn’t for kids under 12 years. It’s safer to avoid using any of such products for kids.
  • Has lanolin and it coats the skin with a small film.
  • It can leave the skin a bit peeled, but this can be remedied by using a moisturizer in the event that it does so.


Directions for its use:


  • Wet the face (or any other body parts) using lukewarm water.
  • Apply the sulfur soap.
  • Leave for ten minutes (if it does not irritate.).
  • Rinse with cold water.


Washing twice a day is always sufficient as too much cleansing may further worsen the acne.


Grisi Sulfur Soap for Acne


The Grisi sulfur soap has been recommended as a first aid in acne treatment as well as treatment of zits, blackheads with general greasy skin. The sulfur soap reduces excess oil on the skin. Doing so takes away the primary ingredient for pimples. The sulfur soap also has Lanolin which helps in reducing skin scaling and excess dryness. When Grisi sulfur soap is used twice daily, it will dry the skin, and get rid of the oily skin and this will not allow pimples to develop. Grisi sulfur soap treats and kills lice and scabies as well.


grisi-sulfur-soap-reviewGrisi sulfur soap with lanolin


The Grisi Sulfur Soap formulated with Lanolin for Acne contains sulfur which is designed to target acne and pore concerns.


Apart from sulfur, this product also has an additional ingredient that works to counter the drying effect of the soap.


As for effects, the users have been able to watch their acne drying up in only a matter of days from use of the product. Users also liked that the product didn’t cause any irritation or redness.


Because it contains sulfur, you need to expect some subtle smell during use. So if you’re not highly sensitive to certain smells, like some of the users of this product, it can be a deal breaker.


For some users, the sulfur soap’s lanolin content is not sufficient to moisturize the skin. They still worry about how dry the surface of their skin becomes after they use the product.


The development of acne sometimes has a lot to do with the complex interplay of the body’s inner balance than just using a topical sulfur soap.


Remember that the best a topical soap can do is to fade the acne causing bacteria, moisturize the skin, eliminate pore-clogging and keep it neat and refreshed; and nothing more than that.
The soap cannot go deep into your body to regulate several internal factors such as dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, heredity, and stress, etc., which are the main causes of acne. So, an acne clearing soap can only assist by fading the existing lesions and cannot guarantee the prevention of future breakouts.



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