Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser review

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Product Review: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


Have you tried different “gentle” skin cleansers only to be disappointed at how not-gentle they actually are? How about trying one that is gentle enough for baby skin.


Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser reviewCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has been on the scene for a long time now and its longevity is no fluke – it was earned.


The makers have consistently used the same working formula for years and have seen no reason to alter it for any marketing needs since then. The products has won commendation from several quarters over the years.


Dermatologists and beauticians alike, recommend it to their clients for more reasons than one.


It’s active ingredients are Sodium lauryl sulphate whose job is cleansing; and propylene glycol which softens and cleanses skin too.


It is very gentle on the skin and produces amazing results on all skin types. It is gentle enough even for baby skin.


It’s versatility in terms of skin compatibility is one of its strongest suits – with he only exception being super oily skin. Where some cleansers leave the gave feeling irritated, greasy or stripped, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser just leaves the skin feeling soft and clean.


how to use cetaphil gentle skin cleanserHow to use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser can be used in two different ways and either or both of these methods may work for your skin. There is the usage with water and usage without water.


To use with water, apply Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to the face and rub it in gently, then simply rinse it off.


To use with water, apply a generous amount of the cleanser and rub it in gently still. Remove it with a soft cloth or with tissue.


It can also be noted that it is very easy to apply.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser does not clog pores, neither does it remove the skin’s essential oils as it does its job.


It can also dissolve makeup, dirt and unwelcome oils efficiently, but it must be noted that it is not strong enough to remove mascara or eye shadow.


Is cetaphil gentle skin cleanser good for acne


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is not a treatment for acne, as it’s name implies. It is only a cleansing agent. But it’s cleansing job can help to enhance acne treatment as well as the remedy for other skin issues. By combining it with appropriate treatment, it helps to prepare the skin for the action of the treating agent and enhances the possible effectiveness of any treatment plan.


Cleansing agents generally do the job of preventing such facial blemishes like pimples, acne and so on by removing the elements responsible for it (excess oil, dirt, overnight makeup, etc.). Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser removes all of these factors so that skin problems do not arise in the first place – therefore, if it works, treatment will not be necessary.


Of course, cleansers can end up irritating the skin, causing more harm than good, but a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil does not irritate and is formulated even for rosacea-prone skin. It’s gentleness cannot be over emphasized, since this is where it beats other cleansers on the market – it does what they all do, but tries to cause no damage whatsoever.


Is this product fragrance-free?Is this product fragrance-free?

The product is fragrance free. Among its ingredients are water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol and stearyl alcohol, but it uses no fragrance whatsoever. Since some extracts used to manufacture fragrances can trigger allergies, being fragrance-free means that the class of people who can use it is even higher than for fragranced cleansers.


How to apply cetaphil gentle skin cleanser


It’s core usage is as a cleanser, removing unwanted stuff from the surface of the skin – especially on the face. It can also perform the function of moisturizing and softening of hard skin. The propylene glycol it sports is a softening as well as moisturizing agent. It’s cleansing is only limited to unwanted oils, dirt and make-up, it does not remove oils that keep the face moisturized thereby preventing overly dry and strong skin that can end up breaking.




To sum up its strong suits, longevity is one of them. Having been there for a long time, there has been sufficient knowledge gathered about it to answer any questions that may rear its head at any time. If complications arise – which it rarely does – doctors know what to do.


Another pro is the wide range of skin types on which it can be applied – even on eczema and rosacea prone skin. It is formulated to be especially gentle on such skin types.


This cleanser also has no fragrance whatsoever, so allergies aren’t an issue with it.


Cetaphil cleanser doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase too, compared to the prices of other sensitive – skin oriented cleansers on the market. It costs and average of $8.




There is a negative side to every product, for Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, they are few and they include the following.


Sticking with the same recipe over the years has got some arguing that some of the ingredients employed have better alternatives today. Sodium lauryl sulphate is considered to be one of these ingredients. On the other side of it, this particular ingredient only represents about 1% of the product content and it is usually washed away so it doesn’t stay on the skin, but many reviewers choose to count that as a con.


Its inability to remove makeup items like mascara and eye shadow means that you will always require another cleanser to take care of those ones.
Overall, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a great product that lives up to its “gentle” nomenclature adequately.



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