Types of pimples and how to get rid of them

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Types of pimples and how to get rid of them

“I wouldn’t even trade the acne scar on my right cheek, because that recurring zit spent more time with me in college than any boy ever did.” This funny quote about acne shared by www.goodreads.com is from Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants.

“Find Acne related infographic at the bottom of the page!”

Acne is part of countless youngsters’ transition to adulthood. Teenagers, boys and girls alike, are prone to having acne. It can be visible on one’s back and shoulders. The most dreaded is acne showing up on one’s face. Better to know how this condition should be treated early on.


Some adults are not also spared from the undesirable effects of acne. It’s so true that they come on your most unexpected situations sometimes. Ever had a moment when a zit suddenly appears on your gorgeous face a day before you go on a date or deliver a business presentation to your clients? Talk about distress!


Dealing with an acne problem can be very taxing. It is even more difficult that there is no known establish findings why some people and acne are bedfellows. And some are just too lucky, maybe?


Life with Acne


different types of acneAcne does not really pose serious physical health risks, but it is a reality in societies that this skin problem leaves emotional marks, which are more than skin-deep. One ugly truth is it affects not just the skin. Psychologists confirm that having acne has the ability to influence an individual’s way of life. How is that possible? Chew over the pieces of information below and understand why.


People with acne suffer depression. Depressed persons feel sad, unimportant and hopeless. They believe that because of their imperfections, they are less attractive and feel shameful. Depression builds up while insecurities pile up.


People with acne fear relationships. They think it is unlikely to find someone who will appreciate and love them, especially with the opposite sex. They withdraw from the crowd, assuming that others might take notice of their unappealing appearance.


People with acne settle for less. It is disturbing that sometimes acne patients feel sure that they will not be able to taste success. Some younger people with acne choose to skip school classes because of fear of bullying. On the other hand, some adults opt to go for career choices, which have reduced personal interactions with others.


These are tough circumstances, no doubt. There is a way out, by the way. Spread these words: there is a way out! That is because people with acne should not live miserable lives forever. They just have to make some wise choices on proper personal grooming and treatment.


Types of pimples and how to get rid of them


Those who fall far from the side of luck experience one or more of these types of acne:


Blackheads. These are tiny, inflamed sections on the skin with a dark spot in the middle. Blackheads result from the sebum clogging the duct of a facial skin’s sebaceous gland.


Whiteheads. When keratin is deposited in an oil gland duct, whitish dots surface from the skin. These dots or lumps are whiteheads.


Pimples. These occur as slightly swollen or small bumps on parts of the skin. They appear as red spots. Pus-filled pimples are painful and gross, too! In worse conditions, pimples turn to severe lesions that can really hurt and require a fast fix.


Say Goodbye to Acne


different types of pimplesTo prevent and cure acne, seek advice from a dermatologist. A pro can pass on nuggets of health wisdom to save you from that acne “curse.” After the consultation, one must live by a lifestyle of cleanliness and discipline. As a matter of fact, we don’t want to make it too hard for acne patients anymore. To rescue them from the thorny choices of what one should do next, we are dishing out two effective fixes for acne problems.


Now, we put spotlight on an acne recovery system that can quickly provide the most pleasing results.


clearpores_facialcream_lgClearPores is a breakthrough for any acne-infected skin. With three simple cleansing steps, it makes being beautiful natural and too easy for everyone. This recommended skin care system includes intake of herbal supplement capsules and consumption of facial wash and protection cream. Scientifically formulated ClearPores vows to maintain skin health by restoring balance, regulating hormones and flushing toxins.


Every phase in the ClearPores system aims to revive skin, as supported by skin care professionals and herbalists. Products’ components are safe and mostly non-synthetic. So, ditch all the other acne treatment formula and go for this one!


Revitol Scar CreamWorried about the disgusting acne scars? Let Revitol Scar Cream work naturally! With continuous use of this quality product, see the unveiling of beautiful skin in just a few weeks. Revitol Scar Cream can diminish the appearance of unwanted scars through the help of its all-natural ingredients. It also feeds your skin with protein and minerals. This can absolutely give you the skin you want. Waste no time, order now and take advantage of the money back guarantee!


Invest in your skin and live a healthy, happy life!



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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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