Are you using exfoliating face scrub?

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Are you using exfoliating face scrub?


exfoliating face scrubMany of my guests aren’t satisfied with their face cream or the state of their skin. In these cases we talked about their skin care routine and the products they use. If these products are appropriate for their skin type, the problem is elsewhere.

The cells on the skin surface renew every 28 days, but this process is gradual. For some skin types this process is slower, the skin peels and becomes rough to the touch. There are types that develop blackheads or simply become pale, colorless. These states all prevent the absorption of the creams and set back their effectiveness.


For most of my guests these problems were solved by an exfoliator chosen with great care. Peels are quick and they rid the skin of the dead surface tissue thus liberating it. Then the creams can be effective and the rough skin becomes smooth and soft.


And how is a good exfoliator?

There are many you can choose from and my experience is that the decision is influenced by lots of factors. There are people who like grainy,

rough exfoliators, they will choose products that contain grist or some other kinds of grains. Others prefer smoother exfoliators, the suitable

products for them are the ones with enzymes or AHA-acid.


How often should we use exfoliating face scrub?

This is the most important question!

If the skin is thick and full of blackheads you should exfoliate every 2 days until the state of the skin improves, then every 5-7 days.

In the case of a pale skin the result comes faster. In the beginning you ought to exfoliate every 3-5 days, later once a week will be enough.

When your skin is very sensitive, enzyme peeling is recommended. The exfoliation should be repeated in 10-14 days.

In my opinion it’s advisable to do a test exfoliation before buying a new face cream. Then a fresh and healthy skin is guaranteed.

Take a look at the scrubs!



exfoliating scrub for bodyPeeling is a great way to refresh your skin. The dead surface tissue forms a greyish, rough layer that you should get rid of. Exfoliation is effective not only on the face, but on the entire body. Here’s a short informative writing about body scrubs.

Problem: Cellulite

Solution: exfoliator containing sea salt which has a detoxicating effect. The concentric massage is good for the lymph and blood circulation.

Result: soft, smooth skin. Quicker and more effective cellulite treatment.

Extra tip: the effect can be maximized by using a massage brush on the critical areas

Problem: Dry skin on the entire body

Solution: exfoliator containing oils and small grains. The oils prevent the skin from drying and the small grains don’t hurt the surface

Result: soft, silky skin. The active substances absorb easier

Extra tip: you can drop some volatile oil in the exfoliator (lavender has a relaxing effect, lemon grass a refreshing effect)

exfoliating body scrub for menProblem: Dry skin on the elbows, heels, soles and hands

Solution: exfoliator containing big grains. It deals better with callus and very dry skin. It should be applied with circular motions. Oily peels work miracles around the elbows. After exfoliating you need to use softening lotions.

Result: softer, not so rough skin. To achieve the final result you need to repeat the treatment more times

Extra tip: Menthol volatile oil in the exfoliator on the hands and feet has a very refreshing effect

Problem: Exhaustion, weariness

Solution: spa exfoliators which are dominated by different aromas. These have a relaxing, revitalizing effect after which the skin and body is reborn. They also have a positive effect on the brain function.

Result: recharging of your skin, energy and silky skin

Extra tip: Spa exfoliators ought to be used in the appropriate surroundings, they aren’t of much use if you apply them hastily under the shower.



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