Do You Know Everything about Cleansers?

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face cleanser reviewsFace cleanser reviews

Cleansing is one of the basic steps of skin care. Without it the skin cannot absorb the cosmetics effectively, but it is also needed to our sense of comfort. I don’t believe that anybody would forget about this step. However, choosing the right cleanser can be a problem. You need to take into consideration many aspects of which we’ll talk about here.

What is a cleanser good for?

Simple answer to a simple question: as its name states it’s a cosmetic that cleans the face. Often a successful face care depends on it. If the cleanser isn’t the right one the skin can become dry or oily, possibly pimply.

Determining skin type.

I have written many times about this topic, almost every entry about cosmetics starts with this. It’s because this is an absolutely necessary step so as to choose the right products.


The appropriate cleanser for the skin types:

  • normal skin – cleansing milk
  • combination skin – cleansing milk or cleanser gel
  • waterless skin – cleansing milk
  • crisp skin – cleansing milk
  • dry skin – cleansing milk or cleanser oil
  • oily skin – cleanser gel or soap
  • sensitive skin, rosacea – cleansing milk

Determining skin problem

Problems of the skin also influence the choice as an oily skin isn’t necessarily pimply too. But if it is the simple grease clearing cosmetic isn’t enough, the product also needs to have antiseptic effects.

Cosmetics that help to solve skin problems:

  • pimply skin – antiseptic, disinfectant cleanser
  • oily skin – grease clearing gel or soap
  • pale, horny skin – exfoliating, AHA-acid cleanser
  • wrinkled skin with loose connective tissue – nourishing cleansing milk
  • dry, peeling skin – oily cleansing milk or cleanser oil
  • sensitive skin, rosacea – protective cleansing milk without flavor essence


Cosmetic typesCosmetic types: (detailed)


Cleansing milk

Suitable for make-up and impurity removal. They have the substance of emulsions consisting of grease, water and emulsifiers. Use: put a small amount on a cotton disk and wipe the face. Its effectiveness can be increased by first wetting the cotton disk. A mixture of cleansing milk and water can be applied to the face without the cotton disk with your hands. After cleansing mop your face with soft wet napkin or towel. The use of the towel has an exfoliating effect and it escalates the circulation of blood. It’s worth a try, it’s a pleasant feeling!


Cleanser gel

Mixing it with water results in spume. It removes make-up, but it’s recommended to use make-up removal around the eyes instead of cleanser gel. Use: put a small amount in your palm and mix it with water. Scrub your face with the spume then wash away with water.


Cleanser oil

Cleanser oils are usually hydrophilic oils which mixed with water form emulsion. Use: apply to dry skin then scrub face with wet hands. Then wash with water.



Because of its drying effect it’s recommended for oily skin. Use: wet the soap and scrub the face with the created spume. Wash thoroughly so no soap remains on your face.


Syndet (synthetic detergent)

Can be liquid or solid, similar to soaps. They are milder than soaps, they don’t dry the skin. Its pH is similar to that of the skin (4-6) so it can be used on dry and oily skin too. Use: same as the soap.


Make-up remover

They rank in the list of cleansers, they specifically remove make-up. There are 2 types: liquid, water-based cleansers (for example micellar cleansers) and milk-based cleansers. Use: put a small amount on a cotton disk and wipe your face with it. If the make-up is waterproof, here’s a tip: leave the wet cotton disk with the small amount of cleanser on your eyes for a couple of seconds then wipe downwards and outwards.


Face tonics

These are not cleansers, but they are connected to the topic. Many use face tonics as cleansers though their purpose is not this. It’s true that if we apply it to a cotton disk then wipe the face with it, the cotton disk seems dirty. This is because the liquid partly dissolves dirt. The face tonics’ real objective is to hydrate, to normalize the pH value of the skin, to disinfect and last but not least to revive the skin. A few tips for summer use: put the face tonic in a spraying bottle then put the bottle in the fridge before use. During winter or when it’s less hot you can put some tonic in your palms then slap your face gently. It has a great waking and refreshing effect.


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