Is Medimix Soap Good For Acne?

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medimix soap for pimples

Is Medimix Soap Good For Acne?


We are the typical Multi-Cultural family. We are a wonderful mixture of cultures and diversity. From fair skin Irish and Dutch ancestry to Hispanic and African American ancestry; we are a blended family. However, there is one problem that has reached across all demographic lines. Acne affects all of us. No matter what the skin tone and no matter what the hue, at some point acne has reared its ugly head. I needed a product that would help each of us.


We have tried everything. We have paid a lot of money for “celebrity” treatments. We have tried lotions, creams, masks and scrubs. We tried homemade remedies. We even tried facials and steam treatments. Though some worked to a degree on some of us, some had no effect. But worse, some had horrific effects. One product left a red “mask” of color on the skin of a lighter family member. One dried out the skin so badly that it took weeks to rid ourselves of the flaky skin. Some even caused more breakouts with excessive oils. So we were desperate. Then a friend told me about Medimix soap. Her family is much like mine. So when I saw that all of them (with three teenagers) had clear and beautiful skin, I had to give Medimix a try.


Medimix soap review

History of medimix soap

Medimix is an herbal soap, created by a doctor in India. Dr. V. P. Sidhan began in his kitchen with the knowledge of his ancestors. He came from a family of Ayurveda practitioners in Trichur, Kerala. They used oils to effectively treat skin disorders such as boils, acne, and infections. Their oils were so effective that they were clinically proven to work. Dr. Sidhan used the knowledge of the oils and created a soap that he launched in 1969. By 2011, his Medimix soap had won honors in “Most Trusted Brands”.


What is the different between the original and Sandal one?

Medimix Soap With Sandal

The first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell of the soap. We had grown so tired of the medication smell on our faces when we tried a new product. But the Medimix soap smells natural and incredible. The smell is herbal, no perfumes. There were two Medimix soaps, the original and Sandal One. I had read good reviews on each and they were very reasonably priced so I bought both.


Both Medimix soaps lather well. The Sandal One has a lighter scent. Both provide exceptional cleaning. My African American, granddaughter who has darker skin had great results from the original green Medimix soaps. She has a lot of oil in her skin and with-in the first week her skin had evened out. The acne on her forehead and chin was less red and less infected. Near the end of the second week; her skin was clear.


My adult daughter has long fought dark spots on her skin as well as acne even though she is now in her 30’s. Her acne was cleared up in short order and she continued to use the original formula. Though it did take some time, her dark spots have vanished.


My pre-teen (12 years old) has very fair skin. Her skin is sensitive and breaks out easily. Using the Sandal One; took care of her acne and continual use has kept it from returning. The same can be said for my 19 year old red-head. He does not have acne but breaks. He was so impressed with the results of the Sandal One that he bought his own and uses it twice a day to remain clear.


medimix soap for acne


Finally, I am in my late 50’s and have always broken out when my hormonal level gets off. I have always fought this problem. I did not expect anything to balance my aged skin. But I stand corrected. The Medimix original has given me great skin that I am proud to show off even without cosmetics.




Medimix is Ayurvedic soap. It has been effective for skin all over the globe. The public rated this product 4.7 out of 5. The few concerns voiced were, there are some people who experienced dry skin from the original soap. The creators knew that could be a concern which is why they produced Sandal One; a milder alternative. However, my experience (and those of my family) did not present drying skin as a problem. Most of us have some excess oils in our skins which is one reason we fight acne. It is important to mention, one of us used both types of soaps. The original in the morning for extra cleaning and to fight the oils and sweat that we face during the day and the Sandal One in the evening for blemish control. People with combination skin may choose that as an option. I am so grateful that we can all use one product instead of stocking the bathroom with creams, cleaners and chemicals for each person.

medimix soap review

The vast majority of the reviews I read gave Medimix a fantastic rating. Many people, (like me) stated that they would never use another facial soap.


Medimix does work for acne. But it does so much more. Not only did Medimix clear up acne but a host of other ailments as well.


With the greatness of this product and the availability on the market, as well as the wonderful low cost on the product; it is the most effective and more affordable option for anyone to cure acne, and to prevent it from coming back. I personally like the natural ingredients that offered no side effects to my family.

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