Mario Badescu drying lotion review

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Mario Badescu drying lotion review

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review


Don’t you just despise the pimples that come out of your face uninvited? Both males and females give the same answer. Most times, you are stuck with the zit all week as over the counter creams may not be so effective.


A drying lotion may come in handy in this case. It can shrink the pesky thing, reduce the redness and also kill bacteria.


Does mario badescu drying lotion workMario Badescu drying lotion


This Drying Lotion is made to be used only as a spot treatment for zits, acne, etc. It is made with a blend of salicylic acid and calamine. It is supposed to be used on active flare ups so as to cool, soothe and then dry them.


This Drying Lotion is fast acting, and effective for acne spot treatment. Made with salicylic acid and calamine as well as other quick-drying substances, the product will shrink whiteheads virtually overnight as you sleep. It provides relief from blemishes and break-outs and is a must-have skin care product.


Even though other acne spot treatments may irritate and dry sensitive or delicate skin, this product is relatively safe and effective for every skin type.


This product is loved by both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities and has been quite popular for a while. Read on to know how to use and what to expect.


How to use mario badescu drying lotionDoes Mario Badescu drying lotion work?


This lotion was designed in a sleek glass jar and is not twist friendly. The bottle should not be shaken, and its layers should remain intact always. If you shake the bottle by mistake, you must let it sit for a while on a flat surface to settle.


The product works by drawing out the excess oil from spots where pimples have started to develop, and this reduces the pressure in a pimple and removes the oil that is trapping the dirt and bacteria.


The product can be applied by dipping a cotton bud inside the opening of the bottle and placing it on your acne. It is always better to apply it before bed as soon as you notice a zit forming. When applied overnight, the product works like magic and clears the spot before morning. However, people with chronic acne may have to give it at least two days or three days at most, and they will surely see some results.


Note that the Mario Badescu drying lotion does not prevent acne from developing. It is a first aid support against spots instead.


Mario Badescu drying lotionWhat are the benefits of this?


Heals acne to a great extent


The product shrinks acne overnight and also reduces any signs of redness on the skin. Even though some skins with cystic acne may have to use for three days at most, the result is often pleasant. It also disinfects the to prevent further irritation.


Soothes skin


The product soothes irritated skin which may be inflamed by the acne. It gives a cooling and minty sensation when applied on the acne, and this makes the skin revitalized and fresher and smoother after use.


Works overnight


Mario Badescu drying lotion works quickly and flattens the inflamed skin and zit considerably before morning when used before bed.


Is this Mario Badescu drying lotion effective for acneIs this Mario Badescu drying lotion effective for acne?


The Mario Badescu drying lotion has been proven to be effective for acne and works fast to remove the zit before you wake up. The product is also very safe for use on all skin types as they are not tough on the skin. However, they shouldn’t be used excessively.


Also, the product works excellently on both male and female skins. Men can benefit from its use to clear up their spots safely.


How to use Mario Badescu drying lotion?


Unlike many topical treatments, this product requires a cotton swab. You must ensure that the layers are separated as you’re supposed to dip the swab through the first layer of alcohol into the second layer of calamine solution and bring it up slowly.


Before bed (preferably after cleansing, toning, and then moisturizing the skin) Dip a small cotton swab into the product’s pink sediment found at the foot of the bottle. Smear a dab of the lotion directly on the affected spot or whitehead. Don’t rub in. Allow it dry and then rinse off early in the morning.


As you use, make sure you refrain from shaking the bottle. But if it is shaken during It’s packing or delivery, the bottle should be placed on a flat surface to allow the layers separate so the pink sediment can rest at the bottom.



What are the benefits of this


Mario Badescu drying lotion is an excellent product for acne. It is also relatively easy to apply. The product flattens acne, reduces swelling or redness of the skin and also disinfects the spot. After use, it prevents any further irritation or breakouts.


It works within one night for random zits and three nights at most for cystic acne. It doesn’t burn when applied like some other over the counter product, rather it gives a pleasant minty sensation when applied on the skin and dries off quickly so you wouldn’t have to worry about your sheets and beddings.


The packing is also great, and it rarely ever spills. Users just have to prevent it from mixing together by placing it upright always.
However, it might be slightly expensive at $17 for a tiny 29ml bottle, but it is definitely worth the investment as it is thick and can last for a very long while when purchased.


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