Which Electric Face Brush is Worth for You?

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The ultimate electric face brush review


The ultimate electric face cleansing brush review


Just like the basis of beauty is a fresh and healthy skin, the foundation of face care is regular cleansing. Though there are many steps of face care, the most important is the thorough and regular cleansing. It doesn’t matter whether your skin is young, normal, dry, oily or sensitive, quality cleansing is equally crucial. If you don’t clean your face on a regular basis you will soon notice unpleasant symptoms.


Fortunately, the technological development has reached this branch too so we can clean our faces with electric face brushes. These follow practically the same principles as the electric toothbrush. One of its advantages is that it has a deeper cleansing effect and in the same time it can be used as an defoliator. It has many variations thanks to the commutable head parts and the adjustable speed.


In an earlier article we analyzed 4 electrical face brushes. Here we would like to give a broader view of these products available on the market, we will compare 17 of them and present the top 5 in detail. We have made a summary table for an easier overview and two charts to compare the cleansers. Let’s start!


What are the advantages of the electric face brush?


More and more people use electric face brushes as they have many advantages. People don’t buy it just out of convenience.

So here are its advantages:

  • It easily removes the impurities from the face
  • The brushes clean the pores effectively
  • Thus they shrink the pores making the skin tighter
  • They remove the dead epidermic cells
  • Thus it aids in the inhibition of face creams
  • By massaging the skin it invigorates the blood circulation
  • You will need to use less cosmetics for face cleansing
  • The brushes can be chosen by the type of skin
  • They can be used as face or body scrubs
  • They can be easily kept clean

There are also some disadvantages:

  • It can hurt our skin if we don’t use the right kind of brush
  • The rotating brushes might spatter


How do I find the best electric face brush for me?


When you’re shopping for an electric face brush, there are a number of factors you should consider.

Number of parts included: by this we mean the number of extra brushes, but you also need to check out whether batteries are included. To some products you only receive one brush head, to others you may get 4 or 5. These extra brush heads either are stronger, either add different functions, for example the massage head piece is used for massaging the skin after the cleansing. So we should pay attention to what extra pieces are included. Another advantage is that we can buy these separately thus improving our face brush in a more economical way.

Movement of the brush head – circular or vibrating: these are the two functions. It can be said that the vibrating movement is more generally liked. The whirling brush can more easily hurt the skin and might also spatter. Though this depends on the speed too. The vibrating brush is much more discreet, the quality products contain this function. We have found one product that can exercise both functions at the same time, Philips.

Whether the speed is adjustable: this is important especially in the case of whirling brushes. If we have an nonadjustable product which proves to be too fast, moreover the brush isn’t top quality, we have to admit is not the best combination. Try to search for a product on which the speed is adjustable especially if it has more functions as you may need different speed for cleansing and massaging.

Battery or storage battery: these are the two options. The question of which one is the best is harder to answer. The storage battery is more stylish and expensive, but the battery has its advantages. The storage battery can evidently be charged thus you don’t have to worry about when to replace it so it’s more comfortable. However, storage batteries have a lifespan too, so you have to find out whether you also have to change the device along with the old storage cells. Nowadays storage batteries last for years. In case of batteries the durability is the questionable factor. In conclusion the most convenient version are the storage batteries.

Waterproof or not: Water resistant is not the same as waterproof. Many people ask whether products can be used under the shower. Technically waterproof products can be. From the products that were examined by us many are water resistant, only a few waterproof, but always treat these aspects with care.


How to use an electric face brush?


  • Before using the product you need to remove your make-up.
  • Wet your face and the brush a little.
  • Apply a cleanser or defoliator lotion on your face.
  • Turn the face brush on and mildly brush the face for approx. 60 seconds. Avoid the area around the eyes.
  • Wash your face and the brush with water.


Top five electric face brush reviews


Here come the detailed presentations of the top five products chosen by us, others may have different opinions. The aspects considered along the evaluation were the functions, the expansion, the usability of the product and the opinions of the users. As you will later see there was another aspect by which we ranked the products: price and popularity – that chart shows entirely different results.


Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion SystemThe Neutrogena Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular products. The Neutrogena trade-name hints quality and indeed buyers confirmed that it is a good quality product. It is not traditional for it uses puffs instead of brushes. You receive 12 puffs with the product which should last a month.


These puffs are specially prepared for these products so they are not just some sponges. Each puff has ultra-fine crystals and mild purifiers that provide the perfect amount of exfoliation. Moreover it contains glycerin which helps in the conditioning of the skin. This is the cheapest product out of the 17 that we evaluated, but you have to take into consideration that you have to buy puffs every month or so. Despite this many choose this product. It may be because of the trade-name, but also because people are afraid that brushes will hurt their skin.


This product is intricately composed, it’s waterproof and it has two speed levels. We recommend this product to those who don’t insist on using the traditional product with brushes.

Ingredients of the puffs:



Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System


Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing SystemThe Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is by far the most popular product. This is due to the fact that its price-value rate is among the leaders on our list furthermore Olay is a trade-name known for its good skin care products.


According to the description the product is waterproof, it can be used under the shower. The speed is adjustable and though you only get one brush for the product, reserves can be easily and cheaply purchased. It works with batteries provided by the manufacturer. You get a tube of ProX Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser with the device which is a great Olay product. In order to get the best results it is advised that you use this cream with the Olay Cleansing System.


All in all, this is a simple but well-functioning device with a beneficial price from a reliable manufacturer. It is by all means recommended.


Senbi Facial Cleansing Brush


The Senbi Facial Cleansing Brush is a professional product. We can say it is full extra. Senbi Facial Cleansing BrushThis device knows everything that a product this type should know. Even the design shows that we are dealing with a high quality product. The package contains two brushes but there are several others available for normal, sensitive or pimply skin and for the body.


The device can be charged through wireless thus it becomes a waterproof product. The brush doesn’t rotate, it vibrates. Beside the 3 speed levels there are 2 programs: a 1-min and a 2-min program. These time-spans are split in three for example this way: 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose and chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek.


The device warns us with vibrations and sound signals that it is time to switch to another area of the face. If the cycle time doesn’t suit you it can be reprogrammed. This is a no-fail product which is also great as a gift.


Satin Smooth Hydrasonic Professional Cleansing Brush


Despite not being known it is a great product. It has the knowledge of the product presented above. It works with storage batteries and it comes with 3 Satin Smooth Hydrasonic Professional Cleansing Brushbrushes: sensitive brush head, regular brush head and body brush head. The brush head moves forward and backward, it doesn’t make a full circle which is better because it stimulates blood flow and it spares the skin. You also get a Renewal Facial Cream Cleanser and a Day/Night Daily Moisturizer in the package. We only got positive feedback about this product.


Philips PureRadiance Multi-Speed Skin Cleansing System


In our first comparison Philips was the best manufacturer. Not only does its product contain every function but it also developed a unique brush movement technology named Advanced Dual Motion. Beside the circular movement the brush also pulsates thus improving micro-circulation and resulting in a more radiant skin.


Philips PureRadiance Multi-Speed Skin Cleansing System


The package contains two brush heads, a normal one for the weekdays and an exfoliation brush head for the weekends. There are 3 more brush types with which you can complete the product: the sensitive brush head, the deep pore brush head and the extra sensitive brush. The device also has a protecting cap which helps in keeping it clean. The charging has two functions: because the device is in a standing position it can dry naturally, the brush head can aerate. We were completely convinced by this product.


The Definitive Guide to Electric Face Brush Chart


Table 1:


The first comparison is primly concerned with the functions, not the price or the popularity. This was the order we got according to the descriptions given above.


Table 2:


The second table handles functionality, popularity, price, satisfaction of the users and rating. Here the Olay Pro-X proved to be the best choice according to its price-value rate, but also its functionality.


Reviewed products:

  1. Philips PureRadiance Multi-Speed Skin Cleansing System
  2. Satin Smooth Hydrasonic Professional Cleansing Brush
  3. Senbi Facial Cleansing Brush
  4. Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
  5. Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System
  6. Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush
  7. Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System
  8. Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System
  9. Clinique Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush
  10. Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush
  11. ToiletTree Face Brush Skin Cleansing System
  12. Dermabrush Advanced Cleansing System
  13. Sirius Sonic Skin Care System
  14. Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher Skin Care System
  15. BriteLeafs Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush
  16. SonicDerm Professional SPA Cleansing System SD-102
  17. Gurin Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush




For those who are still experimenting with these kind of products the Olay Pro is the best choice. We could call this the entering level. You don’t need to worry though if you realize along the way that this product is not suitable for you  and that you have bought something expensive that you will never use again. From this point on only your wallet can stop you. For us Philips is on the first place, but the Satin and Senbi products are also state-of-the-art. These are recommended for those who want more than the basic functions or purchase it as a gift.


Many complain that devices which only operate with circular movement scratch and hurt their skin even if they are using a sensitive brush head. In consequence it is advised to check out whether the speed is adjustable, what kind of brush heads you get in the package and if more are available and whether the movement of the head is circular or vibrating, possibly both.


We hope that we have provided a comprehensive picture about these products. If you have decided on a device place the order through our Amazon shop where you can find all of these products.


Electric Face Bruch Infographic

best electric face brush

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