6 Top Tips Against Acne and Oily Skin

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6 Top Tips Against Acne and Oily Skin

How do you stop oily skin?


Greasy, oily skin isn’t just the problem of teenagers, it can happen at any age.

We tend to associate greasy skin with adolescence, however this doesn’t depend on the age. So, what should you do if you have oily skin?



Unfortunately, oily skin is a congenital condition, in the sense that if after adolescence you still have acne, then it is probable that it will remain so until the next big change that influences hormones, like pregnancy or menopause.

It is also possible that pimples appear on your face and body at a certain time in your menstrual cycle. Pay attention if they are always present or only on certain days, especially before your period. In case of the latter, your problem is easier to solve, because your skin isn’t basically oily.



The most effective remedy for greasy skin is regular and thorough cleansing. Cleans your face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Choose a product that contains freshening and antibacterial components, such as zinc or mint.

It is important to use a constricting tonic also, that helps the large pores to shrink. After cleansing, you need to hydrate since oily skin also needs caring and hydrating. Take care not to dry your skin because this will cause a hyper reaction which means your skin will produce more tallow because it feels dry.


Deep cleansing

Once a week you need to cleanse your skin deep and thorough. Put face scrub on your still wet face and massage it. Never scrub your face too hard. The face scrub will remove the dead epidermic cells. After this dry your face carefully then boil water for the face steaming. Pour the hot water into a non-metallic bowl, put a towel on your head and lean above the bowl. Remain like this for 30 seconds.

Dry you face then repeat this process 3 times. Because of the heat the pores dilate and then your skin can eliminate the pollution also from the deeper layers. On your dry skin apply a loamy cleansing mask.

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Don’t squeeze!



However tempting the thought is, don’t try to get rid of your acne at home, it’s better to put yourself in the hands of a professional. Without the adequate technique you will only crush the dirt and grease that accumulated under your skin and the red dot on your face will last longer. If you can’t go to a cosmetician then use the anti-acne pencil.


Attend your whole body, not only your face!

When you have an oily skin – but it is also possible for other skin types – pimples appear not solely on your face, but also on other parts of your body. It is common on the upper part of the back, on the décolleté and on the bottom. The cleansing of the décolleté is the same as the cleansing of the face. On the other side, it is sufficient to cleanse your back with a tonic. On the bottom the pimples disappear best when you do a daily scrub. Use a not too soft body brush during the shower. After drying up, apply tonic here too.



Forbidden foods!

A lot of foods intensify the symptoms of oily skin so if you leave these out, your skin will be much cleaner! The following can cause you problems: oily seeds, food fried in oil, chocolate and also alcohol. Moreover, food additives can as well be the cause of acne.

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