What are the basics of eye care?

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basics of eye care


Eye care tips


In this article you can read about how to take care of the skin around the eyes, because many of my guests have no idea how to. This older article is now updated so I strongly recommend reading it.


Eye care starts after waking up in the morning and ends before going to bed at night. The first step is the cleaning of the skin. This is essential as the night creams are generally greasier than daytime creams, plus they can stick to your eyelashes which can be an inconvenience when applying the make-up and they can irritate the skin during daytime.


The right technique of cleansing the skin around the eye: The cleanser should be applied on a wet cotton disc, then gingerly wipe from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. After this comes the cleansing of the whole face with the cleanser that suits your type of skin. Next put some face tonic in your palms and pat your face with them including the area around your eyes. (Attention! This may only be done with an alcohol-free tonic. If the tonic contains alcohol then the area around the eyes must be left out.) This process refreshes your skin, the tonic hydrates the skin so that it appears fresh and pretty. After this you can apply the daytime skin care around the eye and the rest of your face.


The best cosmetic for eye care depends on what problems emerge on that area.


Swollen, dropsy eyes:


If the skin around the eyes is swollen, dropsy, you shouldn’t choose a heavy, greasy eye cream. In this case the best solution is an emulsion or an eye gel.

How to apply: start from the inner corner of the eye with light pressing movements. This helps channel the excess water.


Wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes:


In case the skin around the eye is dry or there are deep wrinkles the suitable cosmetic is an eye cream.

How to apply: Put the cream in tiny flecks around the eyes then with your finger smooth it starting from the inner corner of the eyes to the eyebrows then continue to the outer corner of the eyes then under the eyes. Maintain this circular movement until the cream is absorbed. Next apply your daytime face care cream.


Dark shadows around the eyes:beautyblender makeup sponge review


Usually the causes are fatigue, iron-deficiency, unsatisfactory liver function. The shadows around the eyes can be genetically inherited too. It is typical in these cases that the skin is very thin so the skin care is not to be neglected. The best cosmetic for this problem is the eye cream. We can hide the shadows best with a yellow skin corrector. The pointed end of the Beautyblender makes it easy to use.


Night care:

First, the make-up must be removed. The technique is the same as in the morning cleansing. Apply the make-up remover on a wet cotton disc, wipe your skin around the eyes from the inside to the outside. You can also use a make-up remover wet wipe instead. Next cleanse your face, apply face tonic, the eye care cream and then the night cream.


If your eyes are dropsy use an eye gel. If at the same time the skin is dry too, use an eye gel or an emulsion for night and eye cream for daytime.



tips for acne prone skin


5 tips for acne prone skin


One of the most frequent skin problems is acne. Misbeliefs say that it’s a teenager problem, but it can affect other age-groups too. This is a treatable and avertable skin problem.


Most types of acne are avertable and symptoms can be tamed by certain lifestyle changes:


  • Wash the problematical area with mild face cleanser. The use of exfoliators, pore constriction products and masks is not recommended, because by irritating the skin you can worsen the acne. You can cause irritation by excessively washing and scrubbing the face too. In the case of acne around the hairline frequent hair washing is advisable.


  • Try the anti-acne products which you can buy without a prescription thus reducing oiliness and helping the exfoliation. Look for products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.


  • Avoid irritating substances! Most probably you need to avoid oily, greasy cosmetics, suntans and haircare products. Use products that are either water based or especially for oily skin. For some the sun can worsen the acne.


Anti-acne products can make you sensible to sunlight. Ask your doctor whether the product you are using causes photosensitivity, if yes, avoid sunlight. If you must be in the sun, use suncreams that don’t stanch the pores.


  • Pay attention to what’s touching your face. Your hair should not touch your face. Don’t support your face with your hands and don’t let the phone, mobile touch your face. Tight clothing, hats can cause problems if they initiate sweating. Sweat, impurities and oil can be the reason for developing acne.


Don’t pop pimples! This can lead to infection and scarring. Usually acne disappears without this kind of interventions. In case you need stronger treatment pay a visit to your doctor or dermatologist.



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